Let’s not forget them


Assalamualaykum pïpul! 💞
Whilst we are all excited for Ramadhan; the barakah, the increase in our spirituality, the closeness we gain with one another, sending food to family and neighbors, tarawih, suhoor and iftar of course.. 😝
Let’s not forget our brothers and sisters for our hearts are all binded by that One firm conviction in Allah.
Can you honestly say you are doing your utmost best to help the less fortunate?
For the souls bleeeding tears of oppresion and unimaginable cruelty?
For the young innocents who are snactched away from their beloved parents?
C’mon..it’s really not enough to spare them a thought once in a while and donate some money in Ramadhan.
If you do have the means and I’m sure alot of us do, be generous.
Give give give.
And Allah will surely give you moreeeee.
Most of all, always have them in your precious prayers.. 💖

~Download the ummah welfare trust app – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.uwt
~A UK based charity, aiming to alleviate suffering and poverty around the world

Peace ✌

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