Assalamualaikum! Peace be upon you..
Ni hao
ah you get the jist.. welcome to my blog where I post whatever randomness is lurking in my mind..

Mostly poems about social injustices & nature..

A few of my photos might make an appearance onto here too : )          Reckon I’m a photographer when reality is I’m just a loser with a  bad camera..

Peacee ❤ 

28 thoughts on “About

  1. muslimah says:

    As salam Alikum wa rahmatullahi sister. May I please nominate you for the Five picture-Five Stories challenge? If you consent, then post being nominated you have to click/ select 5 photos and for 5 days write a story about them each. Also, with every post you will have to nominate another blogger.

    It is a fun activity. Please let me know if I may nominate you. There is no compulsion however

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  2. Umm Ahmad says:

    I have two poems, of my own, on my blog. Check them out and give me your feedback. I use to write poetry a lot, but it seems as if I lost the zest and zeal. It doesn’t come natural anymore.


  3. BeanzBeBloggin' says:

    You’re blog has something very calm and serene about it 🙂 Absolutely loved going through the posts. Probably because we share similar thoughts on a lot of issues. Glad to have bumped into you and thanks for stopping by mine – it drove me all the way back here to find you 🙂 Looking forward to more from here. God speed!

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