A Miracle for Mankind

~Enlightening pages
of eternal pleasures

Brimming with wisdom
and hidden treasures

Tis a book like no other,
Gems so precious in every verse

Spilling forth secrets,
No human can uncover

Imagine! You’re reciting
the words of your Lord

With each letter uttered
awaits a beautiful reward

Grasp it close to your heart,
Don’t ever let go

Till through your blood and veins
do His beloved words flow~

{ With the month of the Qurฤn fassst approaching, who knows if we will even live to experience it. Only Allah knows. So don’t wait till Ramadhan to start reading and understanding the holy Qurฤn, start now. Make time now. Make it a habit from now. Insha’Allah we all live to witness the fruitful month which is just around the corner, and Insha’Allah we all make changes in our life so Allah is pleased with us }

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