#Dear Heart

Dear Heart,
You’re so very innocent.
Time and time again led into selfish traps;
Shattered, used and broken, you are left alone with aching gaps.
Many a time you crumbled after a broken promise;
Remember, obstacles you will encounter before finding true solace.

4 thoughts on “#Dear Heart

  1. Imran Ali says:

    When the soul loves something, it will do all it can to attain it, so the one who does this out of having a blameworthy love or hatred then this action of his would be sinful. For example, his hating a person due to envying him and thereby harming whosoever is linked to that person.

    As one poet affected by this said:

    For the sake of a Sudanese girl he loved Sudan to the point that he loved the black dogs due to his love of her.


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