Pearls amidst Pebbles

Oh you sweet syrian angel,
Your status in paradise is so very high so wipe that crimson mingled teardrop leaking from your eye.

Oh you poor palestinian babe,
They stabbed you deep in the heart tearing loved ones away from you,
Don’t despair as you are amongst the special few.

Oh you abandoned afghan child,
You wander aimlessly seeking dark corners to hide,
Feel lonely not for Allah is surely by your side.

Pearls amidst pebbles, you are treasures so dear to your Lord.

15 thoughts on “Pearls amidst Pebbles

  1. Imran Ali says:

    Human beings are limbs of the same body,

    Because through their creation, they participate in the same essence.

    If misfortune strikes one limb,

    The others will also feel its pain.

    You, if you are indifferent to the misfortunes of others,

    You are not worthy of the name of Man โ€”

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