Abdullah ibn Zubayr R.A

I wish to take you back in time dearest reader…
to the holy city of Makkah in 64 AH.
The rightful caliph is Abdullah ibn Zubayr Al Awwam and most of the people of Hijaz, Palestine and Iraq pledged allegiance to him whilst only a handful from Damascus and Sham accepted Abdul Malik ibn Marwan as the caliph.

Thus Hajjaj bin Yousuf at Thaqafi, the wicked tyrant, vowed to kill Abdullah ibn Zubayr and with a huge army, he set out towards Makkah and besieged it. Their evil weapons were huge catapults in which they would throw fire rocks into Makkah, killing thousands.

Abdullah ibn Zubayr was praying salaah ( and his salaah was so serene that birds would perch on him whilst in ruku and sujood! )
when a rock struck him and the fire exploded on his beard and chest but SubhanAllah! This noble companion was so engrossed in his conversation with The Almighty Lord that he did not even acknowledge it..

Most of his army abandoned him and after an awe inspiring converstion with his mother Asmaa bint Abi Bakr, who advised him
“O my son! Tie your belt so when you fall, your ‘awrah is not exposed!”
“O my son! Fight with bravery for you are the son of Zubayr and the grandson of Abu Bakr and your grandmother was Safiyyah.”

He fought like a thousand warriors from when the sun was at its peak till it disappeared from the red sky of Makkah, ablaze with fire rocks.

When they martyred him, Hajjaj hung his body up which emmited the beautiful scent of musk, and vowed to only take it down after his old blind mother begged him to.

Asmaa bint Abi Bakr was lead to her son’s body and after making duaa she said
“Isn’t it time that the knight of Allah was allowed to come off his horse?”
And when they told this to Hajjaj, he felt belittled and brought the body down.

Narrations say when Abdullah ibn Zubayr was born, Madinah erupted in joy and when he left this world, Makkah erupted in tears…

May Allah bless me and you with the qualities of Abdullah ibn Zubayr and make our Salaah imitate his beautiful Salaah which he imitated off his grandfather Hadhrat Abu Bakr who imitated the best soul to grace this earth, Muhammad pbuh.

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