East and West weep

اغبر افاق السماء و كورت
شمس النهار و الظلم العصر ان
The horizons of the sky have been covered with dust and the sun has lost its light. The night and the day, the world and the hereafter, all appear dark.

فالأرض من بعد النبي كئيبة
اسفا عليه كثيرة الرجفان
So the earth is left grief stricken over the Prophet pbuh’s death. It is quaking excessively as though a tremor has struck it.

فلتبكه شرق البلاد و غربها
و لتبكه مضر و كل يمان
So the countries of the east and west weep over him, and Mudar and the entire Yemen weep.

و ليبكه الطود المعظم جوه
و البيت ذو الاستار و الاركان
The huge mountains and the winds surrounding them weep; and also the draped Ka’bah with all its corners.

يا خاتم الرسل المبارك صنوه
صلى عليك منزل الفرقان
O Last of all the prophets, most blessed! May He who revealed the criterion shower you with infinite mercies and blessings.

-After the burial of the noble messenger Muhammad pbuh, his beloved daughter Faatimah R.A returned to her humble home and some female companions arrived at her house only to find her reciting the above beautiful verses-

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