Treasure of dawn


I climb up to the rooftop to see the soft amber glow of dawn. It’s warm rays create golden flecks in the sky, the brilliance captivating my soul. Ribbons of sunlight twirl through a silouhette of trees. Tilting my head to the sky, I exhale as cool drops spill onto my forehead and trickle down my chin. The air so crisp, adorned with hues of persimmon, glistening drops of rain and a faint chorus of tweets rejuvenates my being. Oh how majestic is the One who created this splendour. The early morning breeze brings a rich scent of the forest; wild flowers and pine cone, And the winds whisper amidst me, almost as if this breathtaking scene is Our Secret…

(Let’s just pretend I didn’t take this at sunset shshhhh..)

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