5P5S challenge || Day two


~Tossing and turning restlessly, her mind at the brink of exploding with cluttered thoughts, she recalled the verse regarding night prayer~
~And from [part of] the night, pray with it as additional [worship] for you; it is expected that your Lord will resurrect you to a praised station.
~Cool water trickled through her fingers as she performed ablution. A sense of peace was beggining to dawn upon her as she felt purified inside and out~
`Rolling out a prayer mat with only the silver cresent as her lamp, she stood before her Lord to pray~
~To her majestic creator she bowed, tears spilling down her cheeks in gratefulness of being from the few awake amidst the millions in deep slumber.~
~As her forehead touched the ground in prostration, tranqulity washed over her. Softly, she whispered to her Lord the most high, shedding tears as it struck her that the silent prayers of her sinning soul are echoed up in heaven.~
~Scattered troubles drifted from her mind and she truly felt a burden being lifted as she rose smiling from prostration.~
~Gently turning the pages of the Holy Qurฤn, she pondered over the beautiful verses, that only He could have so perfectly composed..

I nominate jammyjue..

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