No Trace of Humanity

Not a shred of compassion,

a hint of mercy,

not an ounce of love,

let alone a trace of humanity.


Oh continue creating

assault rifles and bombs so defeaning,

I will neverย stop fighting,

just know that my lord is watching.


How can you gaze into that innocent child’s eyes,

yet still force that trigger back, causing her demise.


A bullet pierces the tender skin,

tearing the flesh of my beloved kin,

I know she will now find peace within,

as she returns to heaven,

where she’ll be rewarded therein.


But is it too much to ask for?

To want a life of serenity.

Oh what does it matter,

for I’m sure my Lord will soon call for me.

44 thoughts on “No Trace of Humanity

  1. Zara says:

    Great work masha Allah! Beautifully depicts the pain, sadness, evil and helplessness of our brothers and sisters. Keep writing sister masha Allah. Allah has blessed you with a special talent. : )

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  2. Zahra says:

    your poem is so sad! it truly describes the destruction of all these wars. Write more! you have a talent of being able to express the sorrow you feel for all those lives lost. little actions may make a big movement don’t forget. will check back for more x

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  3. AVoice says:

    Your beautiful words touched my heart, pained by news of violence on children, in a country neighbouring mine. When will this world realise that we are all children of the same God, just wearing different costumes as to a fancy dress event, Violence and hatred can never be a part of any religion, anywhere. Love is the only true religion. The rest are all false.

    Words from my spiritual Master:
    There is only one religion — the religion of LOVE
    There is only one caste — the caste of HUMANITY
    There is is only one language — the language of the HEART and
    There is only ONE God who is OMNIPRESENT

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  4. Imran Ali says:

    Oh people of the East, what should be done?

    Will the East once again be illuminated?


    Because deep within its nature the revolution sparkles,

    The dark night will go away

    And give place to light and eternal brightness.

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